A Sonoma State University Fine Arts graduate, Heather Patterson proceeded to complete her Masters of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of California, Berkeley. Her art has been exhibited all over the United States, specifically in the Berkeley Art Museum, Denver’s Walker Fine Art, Park City’s JGO Gallery, San Francisco’s Hang Gallery, and Bogota, Columbia’s Dancing Elephants. Heather hopes to give viewers a new perspective of elements that surround them every day. She aims to provide people a sense of how “everything has a place, regardless of how it began.” Her most current exhibition is at San Francisco’s Andrea Schwartz Gallery. She also served as Assistant Professor of Painting at Colorado Mesa University and received a Public Art Commission from Denver for her painting installed at the Westin Hotel and Transit Center directly attached to the Denver International Airport. Heather Patterson’s latest work, Land Lines, features, not just the environmental landscape, but the patterns created by this natural phenomenon.


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